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  • Spark RC Carbon HMF Frame
  • FOX 32 Float Rhythm 120mm Fork
  • FOX Float Custom, 120mm, TwinLoc
  • SRAM NX Eagle 12 Speed
  • Shimano Deore Disc Brakes
  • Syncros X-30SE TR Rims
  • Maxxis Rekon Race Foldable Tires
  • Syncros Parts


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None Garmin +€2,50 Wahoo +€2,50
None Size S/M 52/58CM +€5,00 Size M/L 57/62CM +€5,00
None Shimano SPD MTB +€5,00
None 6d Isotonic Sports Drink - Agrum 5x35g +€10,00 6d Isotonic Sports Drink - Lemon - Lime 5x35g +€10,00 6d Isotonic Sports Drink - Blueberry 5x35g +€10,00 6d Isotonic Sports Drink - Blueberry 1,4kg +€34,95 6d isotonic Sports Drink - Lemon-Lime 1,4kg +€34,95
None 6d Energy + Caffeine Gel Cola - 6x40ml +€14,50 6d Energy Gel - Lemon 6x40ml +€14,50 6d Energy Gel - Red Fruits 6x40ml +€14,50 6d Energy Gel -Mango 6x40ml +€14,50 6d Isogel + Caffeine Pineapple - 6x60ml +€15,50 6d Isogel - Orange 6x60ml +€15,50
None 6d Energy Cake - Apple 6x44g +€9,95 6d Energy Cake - Chocolate 6x44g +€9,95 6d Energy Fruit + Apple 12x32g +€19,95 6d Energy Fruit + Caffeine Grapefruit 12x32g +€19,95 6d Energy Nougat - Cranberry 6x35g +€12,95 6d Energy Nougat - Lemon 6x35g +€12,95 Caffeine Gum 1x10 gums +€3,75
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The ALL NEW Spark RC Comp is the perfect blend of top-notch carbon engineering, never before seen levels of integration and just the right amount of secret sauce. We wanted to make this platform faster than ever before both up and down the hill. Increasing travel, perfecting geometry, and applying input from the world’s best athletes, we’ve created the cross country race bike of all cross country race bikes. If you think fast is fun, then you’re going to love this ride.

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