Terms & Condtions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any product from this website.

By ordering any of the products on our website, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

1. General

These conditions apply to all offers, orders, and agreements between the Customer and Peloton Belgica and to all acts of execution thereof.
Everyone can take notice of these conditions on the website www.pelotonbelgica.com.
Peloton Belgica has the right to change these conditions and the content of the website at any time.
www.pelotonbelgica.com is property of Bjorn Swinnen, C. Estocolomo 12, 03530 La Nucia, Alicante, Spain.
If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions should be invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue to apply unaffected.

2. Agreement between you and Peloton Belgica.

By placing the order the client accepts these conditions.  The agreement will only be realised after acceptance of the order by Peloton Belgica and confirmation of this acceptance by email.  The order will only be executed when the payment of your order has been registered. As far as allowed by law, in case of dispute you agree not to dispute the acceptability of evidence of an order, message, communication or message by electronic means between the parties within this agreement.  If, for any reason, Peloton Belgica cannot fulfil the order, it will inform the buyer as soon as possible without the latter being able to claim any form of compensation.  Peloton Belgica may however decide to subject the validity of the agreement to other conditions, for example in the case of large orders, orders placed by minors, when the order form is incomplete or incorrect, etc.

3. Products, prices and tariffs

All products offered by Peloton Belgica are described as completely as possible and in good faith.  Offers and prices are valid on the day they are offered on our website and for the period stated.  The prices indicated include VAT but exclude shipping costs. Peloton Belgica cannot be held responsible for errors in its offers.  We offer our products on our website until depletion of stock. Peloton Belgica will make the necessary efforts to ensure that the products ordered by you are available.  However, it can happen that an article is out of stock at the wholesaler or manufacturer.  In that case we will inform you as soon as possible and it will be possible to cancel your order or to choose another article.

Peloton Belgica cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from a product not being in stock.

3a. Rental products/goods.

Peloton Belgica has the right to take back the bike at any time and place.
The customer undertakes to use the bicycle with due diligence. 
The customer prohibits making the bicycle available to third parties.

In the event that, upon the return of the bicycle, it is discovered that it has not been properly maintained and/or has suffered any form of damage, the repair costs shall be borne by the customer, even if it is proven that the damage is not due to the fault, carelessness or negligence of the customer. However, this shall not apply in the event that the damage is proven to be the result of a defect in the bicycle. In order to calculate the repair costs, it is agreed that a quote will be drawn up detailing all the works to be carried out, together with their cost, and that this will be signed by both parties for approval. If the parties disagree on the specifications detailing the work to be carried out, they agree to appoint an expert who will determine which work must be carried out.

The client is responsible for all official reports made against him during the loan period and for any consequences that may result.

In the event of an accident of which he/she could be the victim, the Customer renounces all recourse against Peloton Belgica SL, unless it is proven that the accident is due to a defect of the bike. Furthermore the Customer agrees to hold Peloton Belgica SL harmless from any claims made by third parties.

There is a franchise of 1000 Euro at the expense of the user.

The User agrees to return the bicycle in the same condition as when it was delivered.

4. Payment and method of payment

The buyer is obliged to pay the net amount as mentioned on the order form and the invoice.
This amount includes the selling price of the goods and possible shipping costs, and is inclusive of VAT.
All payments to Peloton Belgica are made via the secure system of Mollie. Mollie is one of Europe’s largest Payment Service Providers.
When you pay your order, you will enter the secure environment of Mollie. This means that your payment details will never be shared with Peloton Belgica, but only with the secure and certified payment environment of Mollie. Your data will never be read or retrieved by Peloton Belgica.

5. Delivery and delivery times

Products will be delivered via a professional carrier, such as but not limited to, Correos, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc or Peloton Belgica itself.  The shipping costs will be calculated separately and will be mentioned on your order form.  Deliveries are made to the delivery address specified by the customer in his order. The risk of damage, loss or theft is borne by Peloton Belgica until the moment of delivery of the goods to the customer.  At that moment the risk is transferred to the customer.  The delivery period is 30 days maximum unless otherwise agreed.  If the delivery period is longer, this will be communicated at the time of the confirmation of the order.  Under no circumstances shall the customer be entitled to compensation for exceeding a delivery period.

6. Cancellation of the transaction

Peloton Belgica is aware that online shopping is a new medium for some customers.  Therefore we give you the additional guarantee to cancel your order within 24 hours by sending an email with the cancellation request.  After accepting your request, Peloton Belgica will send a cancellation confirmation and refund the amount due. This email can be sent to hello@pelotonbelgica.com. To avoid abuse, refunds will only be made to the account from which the payment was made.  For this reason orders will only be processed after 24 hours.

7. Return and refund (right of withdrawal)

Read all the conditions regarding returns and refunds here.

8. Colors

We would also like to inform you that colors of the desired article are displayed as faithfully as possible.  They may vary slightly from reality.
This has to do with your computer settings, lighting and production.

9. Customer data

By using the webshop of Peloton Belgica the customer agrees with the collection and use by Peloton Belgica of certain personal data.
The personal data entered by the customer will be recorded in the files of Peloton Belgica .  You have the right to look into your data, to correct errors or to remove your data from our file.  Please contact Peloton Belgica by email: hello@pelotonbelgica.com.

If you have any further questions and/or remarks concerning these General Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

10. Disputes

The European Commission offers an online dispute resolution platform for consumers, which can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.